The following table presents the proposed allocations to cover the shipping costs so that merchants could enjoy prompt and safe merchandise shipping.


Kilometers Bike Van / Vehicles
1KM – 15KM 500 1,000
1KM – 35KM 1,000 2,000
1KM – 50KM 1,500 3,000
1KM – 75KM 2,000 4,000 will strive to sell the shipping costs to strategic partners by means of strategic agreements with online merchants, shipping companies and other registered companies. revenue sharing formula is 80% of a given shipping cost should be allocated to the Rider / Driver while a 20% commission is charged.

A monthly registration token fee of about N1, 500 for bike and N2,000 for car will be charged to every Alabaaru rider / driver wallet, where the rider does not work in a month, no charge will apply for that month. This charge will allow them participate in each month operations.


Vehicle Registration Fees:

Type of Vehicle
Registration Fee
Bike N1,500
Car N2,000
Van N2,000


Merchant Fee: will charge merchants a cash handling service fee that will average only 1.5% (this will cover Bank POS charge and other cost) of a given merchant’s total sales on pay on delivery items.

However, merchant registration is free.


Goods In Transit Insurance: have partnered with insurance companies to provide GIT insurance to promote confidence in the business, this will enable both Sender and buyer of goods enjoy both convenience and peace of mind.

Insurance Premium Breakdown

Insurance Partners – Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Ltd and Staco Insurance Plc

Limit per Daily Delivery N20,000 N50,000 N100,000
Premium per Annum N500 N750 N1,000

Please pay both Registration & GIT premium to our bank details below:

Account Name: Alabaaru Global Services Limited

Account Number: 0051367139

Bank:Union Bank Plc

Mcash: *402*03202061*AMOUNT#

Important Notice: Partner Companies have negotiated rates and flexible payment options.