Our Service

Hauling your goods from point A to B is now made easy and at your own convenience. Alabaaru logistics has been designed to ensure an effective movement, distribution and delivery of parcels and
packages for private individuals, e-commerce businesses, retailers, wholesalers and dispatch logistics for corporate organizations.

Wherever your location is or whatever the weight / size of your parcel or package, merchandise or consignment, our professional service empowers us to provide our clients with an error free speedy
delivery experience.

Private and Individual Logistics (Request using your account or as a guest)

Our private / individual logistic service covers anything that you want to send to your friends, family and loved ones or any product you have ordered from suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, and
companies; which can include makeup products, clothing materials, furniture’s, electronics, raw materials, cakes, birthday presents, gifts including office stationery / equipment you have purchased for
your individual or business inventory. Alabaaru will ensure an efficient, prompt and safe and delivery service at your delivery destination.

TPLs – Third Party Logistics (request as a company or using your account)

Our third party logistics(TPLs) service compliments our clients cost reduction strategy by reducing the cost of dispatch and document distribution of the company. The capital expenditure on bikes plus
the operational cost of dispatched riders will hereby be removed from our clients cost of operation and this will in turn result into increase revenue for the company.

However, either you are considering a regular or scheduled delivery of your end products to your customers or end users, alabaaru does it better and more cost effective. We can provide TPLs to small and large businesses, retailers, wholesalers that will enable them achieve about 40% increase in sales by ensuring prompt delivery to their customers.

Payment for our service by SME’s and Large organizations is flexible and negotiable in line with the nature of their business. Pay-on-delivery service is also available on our platform to provide comfort for e-commerce business / virtual retailers.

Alabaaru also provides reverse logistics service in the event of return of purchased goods and issues of product return. Replacements or recalls usually arise from product defects or damages, customer
dissatisfaction, seasonal inventory, restock, salvage, and excess inventory. At alabaaru, we understand that reverse logistics is an important area for manufacturers and retailers and this aspect of the
business is capable of breaking customer satisfaction and loyalty so therefore, we give reverse logistics as much priority as we attach to our delivery services.

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Advantage to Merchants

  • Expand your customer base / numbers: Reach customers in other neighborhoods across your city.
  • Grow revenue faster: Businesses have experienced about 3X increase in customer orders after partnering with


The Merchant experience:

We understand that when it comes to your brand, customer satisfaction is key. Which is why we handle every detail – from carefully vetting our drivers to ensuring your product is delivered in a safe and timely fashion.

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Advantage to Driver / rider:

  • Wealth generation _ Get Paid while moving around your city
  • Work when you want
  • Choose your ride (Bike, car, van, truck, bicycle, walk)

Alabaaru Global – UK office services

1. Vendor Drop Off (VDO) – Online customers willing to purchase items in the UK from online malls or from distributional stores, fashion stores e.g Primak, Tesco, JD sports e.t.c can do so and use our Alabaaru UK office as the delivery address. Once the item is received by us, our staff will do a quality check on the items and prepare for shipping to the buyer in Nigeria. A notification will be forwarded to the buyer once the package is received from the vendor and possible shipping date and delivery date will be adviced.


Shipping Rate – £4 / kg

Security / Handling fee = £1 / item

Customs charges – N5000 minimum ( This varies with the amount paid for clearing goods per shipment).

2. Pickup Stations: – Sending items and packages to friends and families in the UK is now made easier, bring your items to our Lagos office and we will ensure your packages gets to UK safely in good condition. The receiver can come to the UK office and pick up items to reduce shipping charges however items are to be picked up within 72 hours of notification or extra charges will apply. Recipients also have an option of last mile delivery to their home or preferred location if necessary.


Shipping to the UK – N550 / kg

Security / Handling fee = £1.50 / package

Customs Charges- £5 minimum (This varies with the amount paid for clearing goods per shipment).