Download app on phone /Log on to the website (www.alabaaru.com), register as a partner / driver / merchant. Request your pickup by filing the simple functional box. Our licensed / professional drivers will make delivery super easy by picking up packages from your specified location inputted online, with guaranteed same day delivery to the customer.


Alternatively, you can walk into your neighborhood alabaaru office, where your package will be processed for delivery.


If the receiver is unavailable on delivery, your package will be returned to you immediately and reschedule for as early as the next working day or the next available date convenient for the receiver.


As a retail partner, alabaaru drivers can offer both pay-on-delivery with point-of-sale (PoS) payment option, or other arrangements can be made in your favour so you can be rest assured that packages are paid for as delivery takes place to the driver or at any of our alabaaru office.


Alabaaru .com offers the most competitive and affordable rates with no minimum delivery requirement. You can contact us for customized quotes for all your logistics needs.


Vision: Alabaaru’s vision is to build the most preferred logistic platform for anyone looking to connect goods with people across the world.


Mission: Our mission is to use technology-enabled logistics services supported by excellent customer service to enable commerce and improve lives across Africa.


The Team: Every staff of the alabaaru team possess an affluence of expertise in logistics and share a deep desire to satisfy our customers. Our professional and educational experience spans a wide range of world-renowned companies and educational institutions.


Go to pricing page, select your GIT insurance value and pay equivalent premium to Alabaaru account.


Your GIT insurance certificate and policy number will be forwarded to your email.


Step 1 – Login to your profile
Step 2 – Click on BOOK PACKAGE
Step 3 – Select Pickup and Delivery Location
Step 4 – Click Calculate Price and Select your dispatch Driver / Rider
Step 5 –  Fill recipient contact details.
Step 6 – Select Delivery Type (Multiple or Single Delivery).
Step 7 – Select Payment Type (Pay on delivery or Pay on pickup)
Step 8 – Fill package price in the case of Pay on Delivery
Step 9 – Submit package
Step 10 – Click on Accept or Reject to verify booking.
The driver will reach you location for pickup within 15 mins.